Pony Show is the second solo studio release by singer-songwriter Heidi Lynne Gluck, released by Lotuspool Records in Fall 2016.

“Pony Show” was produced, composed, and recorded by Gluck. Her sophisticated arrangements provide a strong foundation for melancholy lyrics sung with a delicate, self-assured and authentic voice. Born in Manitoba, Canada, Gluck’s songwriting carries forward the tradition of her heroes and fellow Canadian exports, her Holy Trinity: Leonard, Joni, and Neil. Heidi’s production and arrangements are informed by their Laurel Canyon migration as well as the more orchestrated pop recordings of the 60s and 70s.

Pony Show’s narrative touches on perseverance amid the captivity of love, loss, and limbo. From the title track (I don’t care where I go/It’s the fence I’m trying to disown), to the anthem of middle-aged reflection, (Better homes and gardens/Wearing perfume on a stage/I may be broken hearted/But nothing’s out of place - “Better Homes & Gardens”), and the ode to life’s inescapable beginnings and endings that shatter the mundane (He held his suspense while we were dancing/I felt every bit of my life/And my blood was a runaway, terrified/Couldn’t stem it if I tried - “The Universe Had Split”) Gluck weaves resilient and vulnerable lyrics over sophisticated, majestic arrangements. At the album’s catchiest, Gluck calls directly back to the traditions of 70s piano-driven pop, with Carole King-esque piano beds and the three part harmonies of the Stone Poneys on “I Like ‘Em Cruel.”  At its most minimal, “Wolf” leaves little to the imagination with nothing to distract from the monogamy-challenging detachment of the lyrics (“I don’t want it to last/I’ve done the math.”) The album carries us off into the sunset with “Jumping Vows,” transporting us back to summer drives, getting to sit in the front of dad’s car with the AM radio cranked. Lest we become too nostalgic, Gluck brings us back to reality with the plaintive refrain “Is it too late to die young?”

Heidi Lynne Gluck is a Kansas City based singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. A veteran player and session musician, offering bass, guitar, piano, keys, background vocals, accordion and lap steel on over 30 albums, Gluck has collaborated with Juliana Hatfield's Some Girls, Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos, Lily & Madeleine, Simrit, and many more. Heidi released her first solo EP, “The Only Girl In The Room” in 2015, featuring her understated vocal style, clever arrangements and confessional lyrics.

Says Gluck, “I stay inspired by the power of the recorded song. Songs communicate so much without having to adhere to linear reality. They have the power to stretch or compress a moment of time into something as simple and meaningful as a tune.”

Pony Show will be available in fall of 2016 at fine record stores and online avenues.